urge Congress to support the Right Whale Coexistence Act

Right whale migratory routes run right along the U.S. and Canada’s Atlantic coastline—one of our planet’s most industrialized areas of ocean. Since 2017, a staggering 41 right whales have died or are presumed dead, representing 10% of the known population. Ten right whales—that we know of—died in the summer of 2019 alone. New technologies in the fishing industry could make the ocean safer and decrease marine mammal entanglements. The Right Whale Coexistence Act of 2022 could provide a vital, sustained source of funding for research to develop these technologies. This bill would allocate $15 million dollars yearly over ten years (2022-2032) for the fishing and shipping industries, state agencies, research institutions, and conservation organizations to find solutions to save the North Atlantic right whale. Urge your senator to protect the critically endangered right whales from extinction and co-sponsor this bill today.

Photo © Nick Hawkins