slow vessels down to save North Atlantic right whales from extinction

The North Atlantic right whale is critically endangered, with fewer than 360 individuals remaining and fewer than 70 reproductive females. One of the leading threats to their survival is vessel strikes. Vessel strikes leave right whales with agonizing injuries that often lead to death within days or weeks.

We already know the solution—slowing vessels down. But some members of Congress are actively working against improvements to Federal rules that would protect more right whales from being hit by vessels. These improvements establish “slow zones” with safe speed limits in right whale habitats during critical seasons. Blocking these improvements could allow North Atlantic right whales to go extinct in our lifetime.

Join IFAW today—Urge your representative to support “slow zones” and oppose any efforts to block or delay this lifesaving rule change.

Photo: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, NOAA Research Permit # 665-1652