Tell your U.S. Representative to support the PETSAFE Act

There has been an alarming uptick in extreme weather events like floods and wildfires in recent years, and these disasters will likely continue to intensify as global temperatures rise. In the wake of these catastrophic events, families are often faced with heartbreaking struggles to find shelter for their beloved companion animals.

IFAW rescuers have seen firsthand the devastation that disaster survivors encounter when they are separated from their pets, and the relief they experience upon learning that their companion animals are safe. Indeed, our responders have provided emergency animal care and sheltering services to countless pets as their families face crises. Last-minute evacuations and disaster impacts uproot entire communities, including many pets, underscoring the need for safe, accessible housing and care options for animals in disasters.

Join us today in supporting legislation that will help establish a pilot program to help shelter pets during times of crisis and keep families together.

Photo: Julia Cumes / © IFAW