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Help protect animals in disasters - sign today!

Animals can’t prepare for disasters like we can. Like us, they face increasing destruction and devastation from wildfires, floods, droughts and war. Yet animals are often forgotten and are not currently included in the European Union’s (EU) disaster management plans.

But we can’t forget about animals during disasters. They suffer injuries, starvation, thirst, displacement, illness, and stress just like us. They need protection.

Take action to protect them

You can help protect the lives of beloved pets, farm animals, and wildlife before and during disasters by signing our petition to the European Commission today.

We demand for animal welfare to be included in prevention, preparedness and disaster response policy and financing across Europe.

By signing, you’re asking the EU and its Member States to account for animal welfare in disasters and ensure animals are protected in times of crisis.

Your signature will help us push for change by the EU and its 27 Member States.

- Integrate animal welfare into current emergency planning and management to facilitate collaboration and response capacity of civil protection, humanitarian, veterinary services, and animal rescue organisations.

- Provide resources such as capacity building, equipment, and pet-friendly sheltering to help prepare and respond to animals impacted by disasters.

- Make it the law by creating an EU legislative framework that includes animals in disaster management.

The clock is ticking – your signature drives the change animals desperately need. Act now to secure a safer future for animals in the face of disaster!


Mr., Mrs., Ms.,
European Commission

Photo : © Stefan Verkerk Fotografie en Webdesign