this World Oceans Day, pledge to protect the ocean and marine animals 

Join IFAW in working to protect 30% of the High Seas, a vital part of our blue planet by 2030Tell us which three steps you’ll take today to support our beautiful ocean and the animals who call it home. Need some inspiration? You could pledge to...

  • Learn about ocean noise pollution: Ocean noise pollution from shipping, seismic surveying, and sonar is threatening the lives of marine animals around the world.
  • Refuse unnecessary plasticsEvery year, millions of tons of plastic enter our ocean and threaten the lives of marine animals. Reducing your plastic usage and choosing sustainable alternatives can make a big difference for the health of our planet.
  • Limit express shipping: Express shipping means more ships travelling the ocean, which can lead to more ship strikes, higher carbon emissions, and greater ocean noise pollution. Shop locally and choose to forego express shipping when you are online shopping. 
  • Conserve water: All water eventually finds its way to the ocean. Unfortunately, contaminated water can carry harmful chemicals that kill marine life and produce dangerous algae blooms. To reduce runoff and conserve water, you can practice sustainable habits like taking shorter showers, turning off the water while you brush your teeth, or using a rain barrel to water your garden.
  • Become a sustainable traveler: Travelling is a great way to see new places and appreciate the beauty of coastal ecosystems. While doing so, it's important to remember to be aware of your impact on the environment and make sustainable decisions. 

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