help protect North Atlantic right whales

Tell NOAA that right whales can’t wait.

With only about 360 North Atlantic right whales in the world, the death of even one animal can be the difference between species recovery and extinction. Tragically, since 2017, at least 46 right whales are believed to have died.

These whales aren’t dying of natural causes, but from human activities like entanglement in fishing gear and vessel collisions. As one of the most endangered marine species in the world, right whales deserve a chance for survival, and we can help make it happen.

Recently, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) proposed regulations that aim to reduce entanglements, incidental death and injuries to large whales. However, the proposed amendments, like adding new gear marking, “weak rope” requirements and establishing new seasonal closures, are NOT the solution to save right whales.

North Atlantic right whales are now classified as critically endangered and scientists believe they could be extinct within our lifetimes. NOAA must act aggressively, using the best available science, and implement comprehensive, on-the-water solutions that establish ropeless technology as a permitted path to protect right whales, while allowing fishing communities to maintain their livelihoods. Piecemeal modifications and ineffective, misleading options like so-called “weak rope” are not enough.

Join with IFAW to tell NOAA that right whales can’t wait!

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Photo © Nick Hawkins