Congress: require the US postal service to sell the tiger stamp

The Save Vanishing Species Semipostal stamp, or Tiger Stamp, gives every American the opportunity to easily and effectively contribute to the Multinational Species Conservation Fund (MSCF), supporting programs that protect imperiled tigers, rhinos, great apes, turtles, tortoises and elephants. These popular stamps cost postal customers just a few cents more than a regular first-class stamp and have raised over $6 million for critical conservation programs around the globe.

Unfortunately, while millions of stamps still remain from the original printing, the US Postal Service has sometimes refused to sell them. The MSCF Semipostal Stamp Reauthorization Act (S. 521) would require the US Postal Service to make Tiger Stamps available to postal customers as long as stock remains—a win for iconic and beloved species as well as consumers.

Ask your Representative and your two Senators to support the Tiger Stamp, for animals in need around the world.

Photo: Aniruddha Majumdar/IFAW