Stop the cruel poisoning of wolves in Canada

Every year, the government of Canada permits thousands of wild animals to die a painful, prolonged and torturous death by poisoning.

Canada wants to be seen as a leader in biodiversity conservation while at the same time allowing a controversial and innefective programme to poison wolves under the pretext of protecting endangered caribou.

While we congratulate their recent decision to cancel all predacide uses of strychnine—which IFAW and our dedicated supporters have been campaigning for since 2017—the government of Canada has recommended that the continued use of Compound 1080 be approved. Compound 1080 is also a deadly poison that causes extreme suffering to wildlife and is condemned by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association

There is no question about it: a prolonged and painful death by poison is inhumane. There is sufficient evidence to end the ineffective, unnecessary and cruel use of these lethal substances. These poisons have no place in modern biodiversity conservation policy.

Now is the time to speak up! Your petition signatures and letters over the years have helped take cyanide and now strychnine off the table, but it is not over yet—thousands of wolves, cayotes and other non-target animals still face a horrific death from Compound 1080 this year and for the foreseeable future.

Please send a message to the governments of Canada and Alberta, urging them to put and end to the cruel and unnecessary poisoning of wild animals once and for all.


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Photo: © John Marriott