NSW koala emergency - please take action.


Koalas are in crisis and heading for extinction in NSW by 2050.

The species was already living on a knife edge, with two out of every three koalas lost over the last 20 years. The Black Summer bushfires dealt a further deadly blow to this vulnerable species, killing more than 6,300 koalas across the state (a conservative estimate). Koalas now face an immediate and significant threat of extinction in NSW.

The NSW Government has committed to doubling the koala population in the state by 2050. Yet, rather than actively supporting the species’ recovery and growth by protecting their habitats, the government continues to approve destructive developments, mines, native forest logging and agricultural land clearing. For these iconic animals to survive into the future, we need to stop cutting down the trees that they call home. 

The NSW Government will soon make a critical decision regarding the protection of koalas on rural land throughout the state via changes to regulatory codes. This is a huge make or break moment for koalas, with these changes set to impact 80% of the land across the state. It will either push them to the brink or support their recovery.

If the government is serious about doubling the koala population, this is going to be a tough target if they continue to allow koala habitat to be destroyed. The government must make sure the new codes are consistent with the steps needed to save koalas. This includes:

- Mapping koala habitat and populations across the state so the places they call home can be identified and protected from development and land clearing.

- Protecting all koala habitat from destruction.

- Restoring koala habitat and local populations.

We will be urging the Minister for the Energy and the Environment, Matt Kean, the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, Robert Stokes and the Minister for Agriculture and Western NSW, Adam Marshall, to take immediate action. If the NSW government doesn’t act fast this globally-loved, iconic species could be extinct in our state within decades. We cannot let this happen on our watch. 

Please sign and share the petition to help koalas survive in the wild until 2050, and beyond.
Environment Minister
Hon. Matt
Kean MP
NSW Legislative Assembly