tell congress to ban “cyanide bombs” on public lands

Every year, wild animals are inhumanely killed by M-44 cyanide ejectors placed on public land by the USDA ’s Wildlife Services program. Known as “cyanide bombs,” these cruel and indiscriminate devices have killed imperiled species and family pets, and have even poisoned people.

Fortunately, we have an opportunity to end this inhumane practice on federal lands. Members of the US House of Representatives just introduced a measure known as “Canyon’s Law” (HR 4951) that would ban the use of certain wildlife poisons on our nation’s public lands. The bill is named in honor of Canyon Mansfield, a young man who, after being poisoned and losing his beloved dog due to an M-44 encounter, has fought to safeguard all Americans from these devastating traps.

We now have a chance to rein in inhumane wildlife poisoning and protect both people and animals from the devastating effects of M-44s. Make your voice heard today and urge your US representative to support Canyon’s Law.