koala populations at a tipping point – uplist koalas to Endangered now!

The iconic koala is in crisis.

Koala numbers on Australia’s east coast are plummeting and local extinctions are occurring due to excessive land-clearing, drought, stress-related disease, car strikes, and dog attacks.

The Black Summer bushfires dealt a further devastating blow to already struggling koala populations, destroying their homes and leaving them clinging on for dear life.

Please help throw them a lifeline by joining our call to the Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley to elevate their status from Vulnerable to Endangered.

This is a koala emergency. The iconic species is at a tipping point and we cannot let them go extinct on our watch. By protecting koalas, a flagship species, we are also safe-guarding countless other animals and the places they call home.

Please act now.

Ley MP
Minister for the Environment, Parliament of Australia
Credit: Mike J. McIntosh/Bear With Us